Software is revolutionizing how we treat disease

Next generation medicine is here. On your phone, not in a pill bottle.
 We are pioneering a prescription digital therapeutics platform for treating cardiometabolic diseases. Our novel form of cognitive behavioral therapy is delivered digitally, on-demand, without the constraints of in-person visits or lack of access to specialized healthcare professionals. Clinically validated. FDA regulated. Broadly accessible.

Prescription Digital Therapeutics

Prescription Digital Therapeutics

Regulated and prescribed mobile applications, used under physician supervision, provide the delivery system for behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

To initiate, advance, and maintain behavioral change, our proprietary CBT targets cognitive patterns that drive eating and lifestyle behaviors

Data Informed Treatment

Data Informed Treatment

AI reveals the right treatment pace, intensity, and support needed to maximize efficacy for each individual

Evidence based treatment demonstrating statistically significant reductions in A1c after 180 days of use

Trial Size

Participants completed onboarding in randomized controlled trial

% Participants Improved

Participants with A1c improvements

A1c reduction

Participants with A1c improvement of ≧ 1%

Dose response

Greater improvement in A1c in participants completing 20+ CBT lessons compared to those completing < 10


Participants actively engaged at 6 months


NPS score after 180 days of use

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