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AspyreRx™ delivers powerful behavioral therapy — digitally

AspyreRx is a self-paced, engaging treatment experience that patients can access anytime/anywhere. It is prescribed by a healthcare provider in 90-day increments, with proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) delivered digitally in a weekly step-by-step process.

Through interactive therapy lessons, skill-building modules, weekly goal setting and tracking, patients connect changes in behavior to improvements in blood sugar and other biometrics. Each step in the experience builds on the prior to enable and reinforce cognitive restructuring, building the emotional resilience and acceptance needed to make enduring changes.

AspyreRx is backed by robust data demonstrating clinically meaningful and statistically significant durable reduction in A1c.

  1. Therapy Lessons
  2. Behavior Change
  3. Personalization
  4. Feedback
  5. Safety

Therapy Lessons

Identify thoughts and beliefs that are barriers to changing behaviors. Interactive exercises build the acceptance and resilience needed to handle obstacles and difficult emotions.

Behavior Change

The treatment algorithm tailors goals and skill-exercises to help people make significant behavioral changes and achieve meaningful outcomes.


Each person advances at their own pace. Predictive health scoring integrates all data collected to reveal the most impactful next steps.


Progress reporting, data visualizations, and feedback loops reward progress and reinforce the central idea that thoughts, emotions, and beliefs drive the choices we make and the actions we take.


Intended to be used alongside standard of care with features designed to support patient safety and medication adherence. Notifications prompt people when it is time to talk with their doctor.
Prescribed by a doctor

Prescribed by a doctor

Integration into the overall care management of patients ensures seamless coordination between AspyreRx and other aspects of treatment. 

Evidence based

Evidence based

In a randomized controlled trial AspyreRx demonstrated clinically meaningful and sustained reduction in HbA1c when used up to 180 days.

Personalized treatment

Personalized treatment

Algorithms dynamically adjust the treatment pace and intensity to the needs of each patient and feedback is provided using a treatment score and progress reports.