Oct 23, 2018

Clinical Studies Demonstrate Effectiveness for Diabetes and Hypertension

  • Individuals with diabetes lowered A1c by an average of -.8%; further improvement was observed following the treatment period

  • 91% of individuals with hypertension lowered blood pressure; systolic BP reduced by an average of -11.4 mmHg

Today, at the annual meeting of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Drs. David Katz, Chief Science Officer, and Mark Berman, Head of Health, presented clinical trial results demonstrating the effectiveness of our digital therapeutic in treating diabetes and hypertension.

Digital therapeutics are an emerging form of medicine that use software as the therapeutic agent in order to achieve clinically meaningful outcomes in patients. In a study published earlier this year, our digitally delivered behavioral intervention demonstrated effectiveness in lowering blood sugar among individuals with type 2 diabetes. After 12 weeks of treatment, average A1c was reduced -.8%, and continued to improve after the intervention period to -1.5%. Results of the study were peer-reviewed and published earlier this year.

Our most recent study among individuals with hypertension demonstrated an average reduction in systolic blood pressure of -11.4 mmHg, more than two times the level of clinical meaningfulness. Among those with more severe hypertension (blood pressure >= 140/90), 85% reduced blood pressure a clinically meaningful amount and the average systolic reduction was -17.6 mmHg. The complete study will be published later this year.

“Our clinical trials in obesity, diabetes and now hypertension have demonstrated the effectiveness of our digital therapeutic in treating and reversing diseases that are common, costly and caused by the same short list of behaviors,” said Kevin Appelbaum, Better’s Co-founder and CEO.

Mark Katz ACLM

David Katz MD, MPH, Chief Science Officer and Mark Berman, MD, Head of Health