Dec 16, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Michelle Gearhart

We’re delighted to feature a new addition to the Better Therapeutics team, Michelle Gearhart, who has joined us as our head of medical affairs. Michelle brings 14 plus years of experience in overseeing clinical and administrative work for multiple healthcare organizations.

At Better Therapeutics, Michelle will help lead correspondence with healthcare providers and manage relationships with key thought leaders and stakeholders, ensuring that our products and mission are well-communicated. Her invaluable experience coupled with her personal ties to our mission will play an essential role as our team works to improve the health and quality of life for the millions of patients we stand to serve.

What attracted you to Better Therapeutics? I was attracted to Better Therapeutics initially for their mission, vision and purpose utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy to improve health. However, after having the opportunity to meet some of the team members, I was attracted to the culture and their commitment to patients and the company.

What do you find most exciting about the type of work you do? I am thrilled to contribute to developing a therapy that has the potential to positively impact patients with cardiometabolic disease states in such a significant way, which is bigger and more impactful than adding additional oral medications. 

Where do you find inspiration and purpose? I get my inspiration and purpose from my faith, family and knowing that we can do better for patients and society when it comes to treatment of so many disease states, especially cardiometabolic disorders. Many of my family members and those that I love have struggled with uncontrolled diabetes and hyperlipidemia. I want them to have more effective treatment options that actually improve behaviors, decisions and outcomes. 

What are you most looking forward to (or what impact would you most like to make) in your new role at Better Therapeutics? I am most looking forward to the journey ahead with this team and the amazing impact we can have on the lives of patients. 

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time? When I am not working, I am typically on the field or courtside. I have four kids that all play multiple sports, with basketball being the predominant activity. I also enjoy fitness and hiking.

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